October 8, 2004

Breast Implants

I think that this is a good type piece of writing. It is relatively choppy, however that is how people usually write news articles. The point of the article is just to get the main ideas across. The author states her main idea that breast implants are still experimental in a way, but there are no major side effects. She then gives examples of people who have had health issues, peope who want breast plants, and doctors who have had experience with different side effects. There are several transition words that keep good flow throughout the article and there is a nice introduction and conclusion.
This article is a general article about the popularity of breast plants. Many women want to get them now and many women are curious about the side effects. There is no strong connection between breast implants and other health disorders, but the Institute of Medicine is reserving their opinion about the safety of breast implants until further research is done. I think that this article wants to get across to women that breast implants are still experimental. There have been lawsuits of women claiming health issues after having the implants, which recently reached a new high. Therefore women should take precaution before deciding to have the surgery.
This article gets the job done of getting their views about breast implants across to the audience. However, the style is quite choppy and short. Maybe if they expanded on the quotes they have, things would be more clear. For example, there is a quote about wanting to get more research done which is its own paragraph. The article doesnít expand, it only goes on to conclude that breast implants are still experimental. There isnít really a flow of this article, which doesnít make it the easiest thing to read. However, I think for what it is, it does its job very well. All the major newspapers are also very choppy. Itís just how news is written. If this were a formal paper, it would have to be expanded and made more fluent.

Posted by lore0193 at October 8, 2004 11:18 AM