October 8, 2004

Implant Article

1). Yes I feel this is good writing. The article was there for anyone to read. You didnít have to have prior knowledge of the subject and there werenít any huge scientific terms that you needed to know. It was written to inform the general public and thatís what it did. It gave facts and statistics as well as personal quotes and experiences.

2) The topic was breast implants. It was talking about the dramatic increase in the amount of women who wanted them in the past few years. It was saying there is no link between health problems and silicone implants but that 170,000 women were suing the Dow Corning Corp. for $3.2 billion. In 1992 Silicone implants were almost banned because of health concerns. That however did not stop women from getting implants. Since silicone is almost out of the question saline filled implants are used. They then have a few comments by doctors about the safety and a short story of a woman who decided to get them for herself.

3) The purpose of the article is to inform the public of the current state of breast implants. It tells us(the public) that there has been an increase and that while women may still be concerned about their health they are willing to get the implants. They want us to know that they donít do it for someone but for themselves so that they have a better self image.

4) This writer cold improve by going into a little more detail about what problems have occurred and what women actually think about the problems and why they choose to get the implants despite the possible health risks. How many of these women actually experience problems etcÖ Also talk to a few more women and put there quotes on there so we are just not present with facts but opinions and experiences from women that have already done it. Also talk to ones that have had bad experiences as well as good ones to help in the decision of to weather it is right for someone or not and if they are willing to take the risk.

Posted by burg0199 at October 8, 2004 11:18 AM