October 8, 2004

implant article

1. Yes and no. I feel that the article follows the format of most online articles but I feel that most online articles lack structure and transitions. The article hits the main points but lacks on details and transitions. It seems like the author was just trying to state the main points in as short of an article as possible.

2. This article talks about breast implants and how science has shown the side-effects but women demand them more and more each year. Silicone based implants have been baned now due to health risks and saline implants have replaced them. However, saline implants have a greater tendency to leak but are much more safe health-wise. The artical mentions that a settlement was reached between Dow Corning Corporation and the 170000 women who received the implants.

3. The main idea behind the article shows that women are still willing to have the implants put in despite the risks that come with implants. Implant operations have increased 275% between 1992 and 1998 when the article was published. The author also points out that the research behind the safety of the implants is still going on but from what is known, the saline implants appear to be a good substitute for the silicone-based implants.

4. I feel that the author could have done a much better job linking ideas together but this is what most online articles look like. Online articles in general would have to change their format all together in order for proper transitions or more details to be talked about. The article is too short and lacks supporting information that would make the article stronger. I think more examples of what happens to women with silicone-based implants would strengthen the case against implant safety. I also think that the same can be done for saline-based implants where there should be examples to support whether the implants are safe or if there have been reports of health risks for the newer implants. The bottom line is that the article sounds like something any student could write with minimal research and basic writing skills. Examples of real-world stories or cases always make an article stronger and it's what I would want to hear if I'm going to read an article on this subject.

Posted by fris0084 at October 8, 2004 11:20 AM