October 8, 2004

Breast Implantations

Breast Implantations: Why are they bad for our health?

Yes, I feel this is a good example of good writing. The article was very good at presenting the health problems and risks of getting implants. This was supported well with facts and figures of breast implants. However, it presented the “other side” of the reasons why a woman may get breast implants very weakly. And was mostly supported with opinions or enthymemes.

The article brings up the controversy of breast implants. Some people think they’re good and others think they are a risk to our health. This article mainly focused on the side where breast implants are bad for your health. It said there is a dramatic increase of the amount of woman getting breast implants. They state that breast implants now a days are better then they were in the 1992-1993 ranges.

The point of the article is basically to inform. It presents the case of why breast implants are bad for your health and the author ends the article that leads us to question whether or not the safety is resolved with breast implants.

The article I feel has a bias towards the side that breast implants are bad for you, but they aren’t trying to convince anything. They are just supporting that side better then the opposing side. I believe the author needs to work on presenting and supporting both sides equally well. The author needs to explain more reasons why women are getting implants or positive aspects of getting the implants.

Posted by kamm0038 at October 8, 2004 11:20 AM