October 8, 2004

Thought Paper 3

I personally did not like this article. I found every time I ran into an informative paragraph it would end. There was not enough statistics or information put in to back up any point the article was trying to make.

The topic in the article was breast implants. The article was a brief view on how breast implants are becoming increasingly popular even though the risks of implants are not fully known. The article gave little information on the legal issues, emotional issues, and health issues breast implants come with.

I guess the point of this article is to inform the public that there is a craze over breast implants, even though they havenít been fully approved to be safe health wise. It shows two sides of a controversy in a way by showing how breast implants could be beneficial to the patient, but how implants could still be unsafe to the patient.

The author could have put a lot more information in this article. The first place I stopped was the first paragraph. Instead of saying many women today are getting implants, I would rather see the statistics; who are these women, what age range are the women, and what kind of breast implants are they getting? The next part that really bothered me was the Dow Corning Corp; who are they, when was anything ever explained about that corporation? I wish the author explained more about why the corporation was sued, and what they actually did wrong. Maybe they could have added information about other corporations in the same field of work, and what those companies think about this Dow Corning Corp.ís mistakes. All this article gave me was many unanswered questions. It seemed like it was written to tell the reader what they already know from everyday life and it could contain a lot more facts.

Posted by hohn0011 at October 8, 2004 11:21 AM