October 8, 2004


1. I think that this article is good writing. The article is all grammatically correct from what I can tell. Also, it is informative. The author talks about some history and the change in trends with the number of women who are getting breast implants these days. The “safe” alternative of receiving a silicone implant instead of a saline implant was also discussed. Current controversies, for example the court cases, were also mentioned and gave more background on current issues. The author also showed both sides of the issue and quoted both a doctor and a woman who wanted to receive implants.
2. The article speaks about the controversy of getting breast implants. Compared to the past, more and more women are getting breast implants even though some women blame breast implants to cause certain diseases. Although, researchers have yet to discover whether the breast implants are the true cause of these diseases.
3. In general, I think that the point of the article was to inform. However, it does seem as though the author may have had a bias with their opinion. At the end of the article, the author mentions that “safety remains unresolved” and I think that the author’s goal is to address the safety of the controversy. Most of the article is focused on the bad side of the implants. The author discusses how implants are questioned with whether they cause disease, lawsuits have been filed against them, and they can have many harmful affects. The author never addressed any positive aspects of breast implants, leading me to believe that their goal was more to convince that implants were bad.
4. I think that the author could have improved the article by talking more about the other side. Maybe they could have discussed how breast implants can improve a persons self-esteem or have quoted someone who’s life has improved from breast implants.

Posted by pist0014 at October 8, 2004 11:22 AM