October 8, 2004

Implant Boom

Implant Boom ~ Katie Sexton

After reading the article from CNN I know more about implant. The article was done in a way that everyone can understand. This is one reason that I feel the article was written very well. I found this article very easy to read and it was an up to date article that also had information from the past. It was very interesting to read and it had personal stories in it, which makes me feel connected.
The article is basically talking about how in 1993 there were some implants put in but not very many and now there are more implant put in then ever before. Also that these implants that are being put in when they may be the cause of some health problems. It also says a little about why women feel the need to get implants put in.
I feel that the point of the article is to let people know that just because many people are getting implants doesnít mean that they are safe. It also shares how much money a company had to pay because they were sued by thousands of women that claim the their implants caused them to become ill. The final point that the article made was why women get implants. I think they added this to allow those who just donít understand why you would ever do something like this to better understand what women are thinking.
I think that one thing that the writer should add to this article is how much it cost to get the implants. It was shared how much the company had to pay the women for their bad health claim but it never said how much it cost to get the surgery done. I also would have liked to know when the first implants were put in. I would like to know this so better understand why some of the health problems have not been looked at. Other then that I thought the article was very well written and that it was easy to understand.

Posted by sext0066 at October 8, 2004 11:24 AM