October 8, 2004

implant article

This article had good information in it and didn’t waste space on unimportant material un-needed for readers to get the point of the article. I liked that it was very ‘to the point’ because I felt it made the point of the article clearer. The grammar and mechanics seemed appropriate as well. It had quotes from doctors and patients on the issue, which was good because then we as readers can hear what people that have had experience in the matter discussed have to say. The quotes increased the credibility of the writer.
The article contained information about the current debate over the safety of breast implants. Silicon implants had known risks, so a new form of implant was developed from a saline solution. Although risks even with the saline have become evident, there seems to be more and more women wanting to get the implants. There was even a very large lawsuit that cost the company Dow Corning Corp. $3.2 billion.
The point of this article seemed to be to inform readers of the history of breast implants and the risks associated with both old and new methods. It also pointed out that despite these risks being known to the public, there is a boom of women rushing to get the procedure done. One doctor pointed out that about ten years ago he used to perform about 2 augmentations for every 50 removals of implants. Currently it is the other way around. Another point to the article was an attempt to have readers sees things from the side of women who go through with the surgery despite the risk. To reflect this side they interviewed a woman who wants the implants.
Although I think the article was well written I think that sometimes transitions from one point to the other was rather abrupt and better transitions could be used. Sometimes it made the article’s flow sway.

Posted by knol0041 at October 8, 2004 11:24 AM