October 8, 2004

Breast implant

This article was good in that is had a lot of facts and statistic about implants. It also had a lot of quotes form doctors and a patient. The two doctors were: Dr. rod Hester a plastic surgeon and Dr. Leroy Young of Washington University Medical Center. The patient by the name of Pitts, was a lady who stated her point of getting implants.
The topic was of the growing amount to implants preformed today, “…275 percent increase in the operations since 1992.”Also, the unknown side effect of getting implants; whether implants do lead or cause illnesses. Also, Changes the material used in implants from silicone to saline.
The point of the article is show awareness to the public and women who are thinking about getting implants that even though saline is safer then silicone, there is chances of side effect later down the road.
The article’s author could have improved on getting each side of the story instead of looking at mostly negatives of implants.

Posted by sull0384 at October 8, 2004 11:26 AM