October 8, 2004

Thought Paper 3

1. I believe that this is an example of good writing. The purpose of the article is to inform, and not to argue for anything. This article does a good job of that. It stays unbiased and presents information for both sides of the issue. Also, the article has many various topics, and it usually does a good job of transitioning between them.
2. This Article was about women getting breast implants. It was about how women used to be against breast implants because of the health problems they cause. It also says that now implants are safer and fewer women are questioning them.
3. The point of this article is to inform the reader about breast implants. It informs the reader that many people are against breast implants because many women have suffered health injuries from the implants. It also informs the reader that there is not a link between breast implants and health problems. The article then informs the reader of the huge increase in the number of breast implants in the last few years.
4. This article has some areas where I believe it needs improvement. First, there are a couple of paragraphs that donít have a good transition between the topics. This occurs where the article talks about saline implants being safe. The next paragraph starts talking about a typical woman who gets implants. There is no clear transition between these two topics. Also, there wasnít enough background information. The beginning of the article confused me because I didnít know what the article was talking about.

Posted by spart022 at October 8, 2004 11:27 AM