October 8, 2004


After reading CNN’s article on breast implants I wasn’t extremly impressed with the writing. I understood it well though. Now talking in class about the verb form “to be,” I noticed it was used quite often in this article. I believe the quote from Michelle Pitts was useless in the article because it really didn’t support anything.
I believe the topic of “Breast implant operations increase, despite controversy” at the present time more women are getting breast implants and they are not satisfied with the implants. Many women are complaining about getting health problems from the implants and finding the easy way out they are suing the company Dow. Even though more and more women are complaining about the implants, more and more are undergoing the surgeries.
The point of the article is many women are getting breast implants and less are satisfied. The women turn to suing the company, because of the complaint of health problems. Despite all of the unsatisfactory results 275 percent more women are getting implants. Another point to me feels that they are almost introducing and advertising the saline implants.
I believe they could have improved on the quotes of the women undergoing the surgeries. Another problem I had was the switching on topics. First they announced that more women are getting breast implants and more are complaining. Next they talk about the lawsuits between the surgeons and customers. Finally they talk about the new saline implants. I think they should have focused on one topic other the switching around.

Posted by ewal0032 at October 8, 2004 11:28 AM