October 15, 2004

article assignemnt

When writing my paper, I am going to have to find a way to transition from the history part of my paper to the argument part of my paper. I think that it will help that, even though I have remained neutral throughout the history part, I have also discussed each side of the argument and outlined the arguments. Because the sides have already been discussed, transitioning to the actual argument that I agree with should not be hard. This transition paragraph would sum up my history and introduce my, personal side of the argument for my topic.
I found an example of a transition paragraph online. The article was on gun control and talks about death statistics involving guns. This is the paragraph I found:
“The 5,732 includes at least two categories of death that do not clearly belong because they do not clearly support MMM's anti-gun arguments. That is to say, MMM's use of death statistics coupled with calls for legislative control as a "solution" unmistakably implies that the cited deaths could have been prevented by gun control. It is misleading, therefore, to include deaths that would probably have occurred whether gun laws and, in some cases, whether guns themselves -- were present.”
The beginning of the paragraph took a statistic that was mentioned earlier and lead into their argument about why death statistics in general can be misleading. Before this paragraph, the general information was history or statistics and after this paragraph, the author explains their argument.
I think that this transition paragraph in general was well done because it seems to flow easily. The history flows nicely from the history and statistical aspect to the arguments made by the author. However, it seems as though there could have been more of a summary of the historical events or other statistics. Although, the article is small, so there isn’t much to summarize as compared to in our papers where we will cover 8 pages of history so a longer summary will be needed.

Posted by pist0014 at October 15, 2004 11:18 AM