October 15, 2004

Thought Paper

The historical information on my topic will provide for solid base arguments. Applying important historical information as a writer allows points to be clearer and more convincing. Statistics and or other history will provide credibility to me, as the writer. My overall knowledge of vaccinations will help me assess possible opposing opinions. By addressing all aspects of my topic, I have the potential to become more persuasive and convincing.
“Despite these problems, anti-viral vaccines have, in some cases, been spectacularly successful (figure 1) leading in one case (smallpox) to the elimination of the disease from the human population. The smallpox vaccine is an example of an attenuated vaccine, although not of the original pathogenic smallpox virus. Another successful vaccine is the polio vaccine, which may lead to the elimination of this disease from the human population in the next few years. This vaccine comes in two forms. The Salk vaccine is a killed vaccine while that developed by Sabin is a live attenuated vaccine. Polio is presently restricted to parts of Africa and south Asia.”
The transitionary paragraph demonstrates the awareness of one side of the topic; to supporting and elaborating of the opposing side. The previous paragraph addresses the dangers and problems of vaccines. The transitionary paragraph acknowledges and rebuts the previous statements. Also, the transitionary paragraph elaborates on supporting arguments to the pro-side of vaccinations. The transitionary paragraph connects the two opposing sides while, supporting the pro-side of the argument.

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