October 15, 2004

Thought Paper

I think that the history section provides the bases for a further extension of ones arguments. The history section should just gradually flow into a presentation or should just come naturally as ones paper extends into further depth. The connection between the two should be evident because the history is what is providing the grounds for arguments to be formed. My transitional paragraph came from the St. Paul pioneer Press title Photo exhibit tells story of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and written by
Deborah Locke.
For two years, starting in spring 2001, Banerjee traveled 4,000 miles by snowmobile, kayak, raft and on foot over an undocumented and unforgiving land. He waited in snow blinds for weeks on end to see if a polar bear would emerge from a den. With native Alaskan Robert Thompson as his guide, Banerjee captured images large and small, detailed and broad, richly colored and stark in their simplicity. My favorite, "Unnamed Lake," shows a cloudy sky reflected in a still lake flanked by pine trees, marshland and mountains. A photo striking for its color shows muskox at sundown, a photo Banerjee took from ground level as an ice fog rolled in. In another picture, a yellowed polar bear moves toward whalebones. http://www.twincities.com/mld/twincities/news/editorial/9920357.htm?1c
This transitional paragraph is used first off to describe the art and photography of Banerjee, this directly correlating to a new opening of the artists work at the Science Museum downtown. The Paragraph travels through the journey of the artist, concluding with an argument that the work of Banerjee should be very much credited. The paragraph starts off with the history and making of the art and then provided and opinion for this art. These use this paragraph to transition from the history to a personal opinion. The problem in this article is that it doesn’t really provide any basis behind the “greatness” of the photos. It is just a case of they liked it. It would be a more persuasive article the author when into further detail of the reasons that the photos where so striking.

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