October 17, 2004

Thought Paper

To connect my informative paper to my convincing paper, i will need to
connect the history of my argument to the actual argument. I will introduce
the argument an then give the history of the argument before I actually
argue for it and show that I support it. If it is an argument for the other
side, I would introduce the argument and give its history, and then explain
whu its not a good argument and should not be used.
2. This is what my Racial Privacy Initiative, which I am proposing for the
ballot a year from November, is all about. It is time to stop the
government from classifying individuals -- or demanding that individuals
classify themselves -- on the basis of skin color, facial features, hair
texture, national ancestry or ethnic background. Not only is it socially
abhorrent and politically divisive, it has become irrelevant.
3. This transition helps the paper change topics. It starts with a paragraph talking about how people in california need to give information about their racial background when applying to things such as a job. The paragraph after this transition talks about what the initiative will try to do. This paragraph helps transition by wxplaining that you shouldn't have to supply info on your racial background and it also introduces the initiative.
4. There are no problems. This Paragraph is perfect in every way, just like me.

Posted by spart022 at October 17, 2004 7:17 PM