October 22, 2004

thought paper #5

The author of this article is debating the ‘Out of Africa’ theory. That is, whether Homo Sapiens evolved from Neanderthals that had already left Africa, or if the Homo Sapien evolved in Africa and then branched off into Europe and Asia, evolving into different races due to traits favorable in their environment. The author holds the opinion that the ‘Out of Africa’ theory is correct because of DNA testing showing that humans are not quite closely related enough to be a cousin of the Neanderthal, and that fossil studies show that the Neanderthal does not mix traits with Homo Sapiens, so interbreeding is unlikely.
This author did not use pathos in the article. They could have made it more emotional by bringing it to more of a personal level with the reader and the scientists involved. If we understood their passion and dedication to the theories and subjects being discussed and why they feel the way they do, we could get more of an opinion from shared human emotion in addition to solid scientific data.
For example: Dr. A is a scientist who went to the most prestigious universities and dedicated her life to the study of anthropology. She is appaled and feels her long and hard work in school is nearly being discredited by the claims and theories of this idea that states Homo Sapiens move out of Africa was recent.

Posted by knol0041 at October 22, 2004 11:24 AM