October 22, 2004


1. There were several arguments made in this article. One argument is if all humans originated in Africa, or if they originated from a bunch of different places. Another one is if there were any related ‘human-like’ animals that we may have evolved from. The last argument presented is if the Neanderthals are related to us, or if there were a separate species.
2. This writer supports his arguments by using information throughout history. Another example that he uses, which can’t really be refuted, is DNA. By using this to support his argument, the writer can make an informative paper.
3. There is no pathos in this paper. The writer could of put pathos in to the paper to invoke more emotion. The writer could of used stories of humans interacting with the Neanderthals. The writer could have also said that the other scientists felt about his article.
4. Thirty thousand years ago, the Neanderthals and humans co-existed. Although no proven mating happened, they must of interacted. They could of taught thing to each other, which may be why humans and Neanderthals were once thought of as cousins, although their DNA is completely different.

Posted by rohd0038 at October 22, 2004 11:26 AM