October 22, 2004

Thought Paper

Is human evolution a tree or a bush?
Did our species evolve only in Africa?
Are Neanderthals our cousins or a separate species.

The writer supports his arguments by using facts, info, and specific events relating to the argument that he is trying to get across. He also briefly tells you about the history of what he is trying to explain and then he integrates the information he wants you to know with in that.

Two ways he could have used more PATHOS would be: One he could have tugged at you by saying do you know where you came from who you really are. Second he could make it appeal to more readers by to a more general audience. He could then appeal to everyone and make people feel like they are connected to these lost beings.

Today humans are sophisticated, inventive, bold and beautiful, we work, and play and nothing is ever questioned. But where do we really come from? Who are we related to? Is it possible that we are closer then we think to that annoying person next door? Looking back at time yes that is a possibility. Humans have evolved from 4 previous species. We have grown into superior beings. But if you look at our DNA we all may have different DNA but yet one gene sequence in all of us is related.

Posted by burg0199 at October 22, 2004 11:29 AM