October 22, 2004

Human Evolution

Is human evolution tree a bush?
Did our species evolve only in Africa?
Are Neanderthals our cousins, or a separate species?

The writer supports his arguments by introducing the topic, supporting it with a fact and then explaining what he meant by including the fact and what it means in simpler detail. He/she uses facts, information, events, history that pertain to the topic, and agree to his argument to support his case. He/she interprets the data they stated to make it worthwhile in their paper.

Two examples of how the author could add pathos into his/her writing are: tell a story about how mutations have evolved humans over time; what’s bad or good about evolution? He could have explained how many people do not understand where they have come from and the evolution our species has gone threw. He also could have pertained to more of how evolution affects humans not just physically but emotionally. How do gene mutations affect us?

Humans have evolved in the past 2 million years, a time frame which is too short to introduce gene mutations/gene differences to our species. But do we really know how this affects our species? Just look at the wide variety of chimpanzees, who have been around for some time now, can you tell the gene differences? They have more of a variety within their species due to gene differences.

Posted by kamm0038 at October 22, 2004 11:29 AM