October 22, 2004

Human article

The arguments for this article are how did humans evolve and what theory is right. There are many different views on how the human race evolved and if we evolved only in Africa and what scientist is right.
The writer supports his arguments by giving information and facts that have been found by scientists all over the world. Also, the scientists have been doing research for many years on this subject and are very informed but they do not agree on who is right. Both sides have made arguments and have facts to support their arguments but neither one sorts its self as the right one.
This article is a very scientific article and uses many scientific words that to a regular person may not understand. One way to help them understand may be to put a story about why they feel it is so important that we find out where humans evolve from so that the regular person feels some connection. Also, then the reader will want to read on because they will feel personally connected. Another thing the writer could add to this article is a little story about how this research has changed their life. This way we may be able to connect our life to the research and feel some emotion from the article.
It wasn’t until I started researching the evolution of humans that I realized how important life really was. As I was researching I found many bodies and in many parts of the world and how they looked as I discovered them. As I discovered them I realized that someday I too may be dug up to be looked at to see different aspects of human life. It also made me realize that I will not live forever and that I should be happy for my time that I have on earth.

Posted by sext0066 at October 22, 2004 11:30 AM