October 22, 2004

Evolution and Pathos

The article “Human Evolution”, was full of scientific theories, information, and arguments. It starts off showing the two sides scientists believed about evolution. The first argument was “the human evolutionary tree is a bush, rooted in Africa.”. Some paleontologists believed only five distinct species evolved into the homo sapiens we are today and that four of them came from Africa. The author followed the argument with dates, origins, and specific names of the different species.
The second argument basically entails all species of homo sapiens could not have derived just from Africa. This specific theory was called the Regional Continuity Theory. It told the reader how the stream of different populations over the world became homo sapien.
After presenting the two arguments the author goes right into transition saying we can find the truth to this controversy by looking at genetic variations from each group of humans. He goes through the scientific study to prove that the oldest population of humans show genetic defects so African populations were around a lot longer than Asian or American.
I could not find many examples of pathos in this article. The author seemed much more scientific than emotionally connected to the reader. If I could add some pathos into this article I would incorporate the reader by mentioning family lineages. I would get the discussion of knowing our own ancestries and how far back people can go. Maybe the author could find research on the largest family tree known. I think bringing a family tree into the article could make the reader get emotionally connected because where they personally come from is being addressed.

Posted by hohn0011 at October 22, 2004 11:32 AM