October 22, 2004


Some of the arguments presented in questioning are
- There are 5 stages of human evolution
- Was homo sapiens migration out of Africa and then spread throughout Europe and Asia
- There is no significant evidence to support a connection between the Neanderthals and human. Further can be found in DNA evidence
The writer supports his arguments by providing a popular opinion with evolutionary support to back. Arguments. He provides evidence of resent research as well as conclusions arose from new information. He provides studies of new bone and DNA research as well as the complexity in the stages of evolution. He really gives a sense of uncertainty throughout the article, always questioning the possibility of the unknown. The writer could of used pathos, and emotional interjection to claims of the presented arguments. Pathos could be by supporting the arguments or attracting the audience. An example of this could be Homo habilis were the first species to ever step foot on the rich soil of the earth. They roared on the grounding claiming it as their own and officially beginning the process of evolution.

Posted by woka0001 at October 22, 2004 11:32 AM