October 22, 2004

human evolution article

There are many arguments that the author makes throughout their writing. The topic that is first discussed is about how many different types of humans there have been in history, and the author says that many paleontoloists agree that there were 5. Next, he discusses the controversy on where human evolution began. The author believes that the study of genes that evolve quickly is the solution to determine whether human evolution began in Africa. The last argument discussed was about whether Neanderthals were direct ancestors of humans or whether they were hybridized with humans. The author says that Neanderthals were not the direct ancestors of humans.
Throughout the article, the author mainly uses history to support his arguments, however, there are not any sources cited. Also, the author mentions statistics and studies that have been done with genes and DNA. Lastly, the author uses studies that have been done with old bones that bones and the comparison to bones of humans of today.
The author did not use any pathos in his writing. If the author wanted to use pathos, there are 2 different ways he could have used them if he wanted to catch his audience in a different way. Some examples are that he could have used a story about when the Neanderthals and the homo sapiens hybridized or when a story about how the homo sapien first saw came to life.
Their eyes met for the first time. Both the Neanderthal Ned and the homo sapien Sue fell in love at first sight. They grunted at each other in satisfaction as they told stories of their past. Next the mating ritual began. Thus was the hybridization of the homo sapien.

Posted by pist0014 at October 22, 2004 11:33 AM