October 22, 2004


In the article “Human Evolution: The scientists study human origins are engaged in lively debate,” has many argument outlined. The arguments are:

Is the human evolutionary tree a bush? Controversy of the history of different species that today’s humans came from
Did our species only evolve in Africa?
Are Neanderthals our cousins, or a separate species?

The author supports these arguments by using the information he has gained by teaching human evolution at the Washington University. He doesn’t have any apparent sources that he has used. He has no sources sited, he uses history and static to make his points but don’t mention where has received it.
The author could have used pathos to grab his audience’s attention or to illustrate his point of view.
An example of a paragraph that would use the pathos for this article would be:
Your ancestors underwent many hardships. They traveled all around continents with a goal of survival. Some species didn’t survive while other thrived. Through millions of years only the strong survive making us who we are today.

Posted by sull0384 at October 22, 2004 11:34 AM