October 22, 2004

human evolution article

1. -There appears to now be 5 distinct species of humans instead of 3.
- Each species of human tends to originate in Africa then spreads out into Asia and Europe later on in fossil records.
- The last migration of Homo sapiens occured recently about 30000 years ago.
- The human evolutionary family tree is actually a bush.
- More genetic variations were found in current African humans and so it is believed that humans have been in Africa longer and therefore migrated out of Africa later on.
- Reports that Homo sapiens interbreeded with Neanderthals has no solid evidence.
- Neanderthals appear to be a dead-end species of humans.

2. This article appears to be supported as if the writer is actually a scientist. He talks of how he taught human evolution 25 years ago to students so we already know he has to be credible. He doesn't appear to use any sources or citation in the article other than what critics have written in emails. He uses his own knowledge of the subject as the only source and explains it in a way that makes sense to the reader.

3. First, I think that a visual family "bush" would have been a great way to support his arguement. Visuals always are a huge help with readers. I think the main reason it would have been good is to give the reader a better understanding of what the "bush" would be rather than the normal evolutionary "tree". Secondly, I wish the author would have used some of their own personal research or findings in his arguments. I think that his opinion is not clearly supported with person experiences or knowledge to the extent that would make this a more convincing article.

4. Through my own research, I have been able to determine that Neanderthals did not interbreed with Homo sapiens due to there genetic differences. Their DNA has too many variations in it that would not allow for them to interbreed, and as other people had argued, created a hybrid of the two species. This hybrid is not a valid finding and is not clearly supported by the scientists who made the argument. To me, there is clearly two different species when comparing Neanderthals to sapiens. Neanderthals were replaced by sapiens, not slowly changed through interbreeding.

Posted by fris0084 at October 22, 2004 11:40 AM