October 22, 2004


In the text Human Evolution: The scientist studying human origins are engaged in lively debate, there are many ways to think about the human evolution. Two scientists sent their views to all of their colleagues about the Neanderthal evolution. Many disagreements arose because of these controversial issues. One issue is that the evolutionary tree becomes a bush, and that bush’s roots come out of Africa. The next controversial issue is that the human specie evolved in Africa recently and spread from there to the rest of the world, eventually replacing earlier human species to Europe and Asia. The final controversial issues indicates that “Neanderthals were a separate specie of humans rather that a direct ancestor.”
The writer supports his arguments by researching the history of human evolution. He also supports his arguments by the theory of early migration out of Africa to Europe and Asia. This theory was the Regional Continuitly Theory. Another support for his argument is the DNA analysis of the bones.
The writer used pathos by trying to make all of us believe that all our ancestors came from Africa and I don’t think he did a very good job on persuading me. He could have mentioned something about not being able to find other evidence in any other country to support his a little more. He also could have mentioned about where we for surely came from and why it is true.
In human evolution, two million years was too short of a time to distinguish gene differences in humans and chimps. This leads to our specie being in Africa for a lot longer because of the genetic mutations. Because of the wide variety of genetics, the background is unclear where we all come from.

Posted by ewal0032 at October 22, 2004 12:05 PM