October 29, 2004

thought paper

I think that I general, the assignments are not getting too hard. Although, it seems as thought it is getting tougher to find information and specific evidence or quotes to back up my premises. For example, as my paper gets more and more specific, I need more and more specific statistics or quotes to back up my arguments. However, this evidence can be hard to find because it is so specific. Also, the idea of finding academic articles is hard to incorporate now that we have already written half of our paper. Because we are so far into the paper, it is harder to go back and add information that is from a scholarly source. It would have been easier to have started looking for scholarly sources from the way beginning of writing the paper. It feels like the hardest thing for me right now is finding scholarly sources on my topic mainly because my topic is more of a popular topic. Because my topic is file sharing, it seems like most of the articles that I find are popular, and when they are scholarly, they tend to be against my topic.

Posted by pist0014 at October 29, 2004 11:27 AM