October 29, 2004

thought paper

I think the assigments are appropriate for the class. We aren't doing any busy work, like some classes. I kinda wish the paper wasn't cummlative b/c sometimes i just want to write it and be done with it and not deal with it anymore. But then i think that in the end i'm going to have a really good paper, so it will bo ok. The paper is going ok. I am having trouble finding premeis for the paper but i'm working on it. i think i'm going to have some trouble finding academic sources for my paper. I am going to the library tomorrow in hopes of finding them and finishing my paper in the same day. I am struggling with formatting my argument. I have been reading the book and it is helpful but first i need to fingure out what type of agrument it is to have the book be helpful. It is getting easyer to not use passive voice. There are a few sentecnes that i'm sturggling wih but they are just a few. Overall i really don't think the paper is bad.

Posted by head0046 at October 29, 2004 11:27 AM