October 29, 2004

Those nasty little buggers of "to be" forms

I like how its one big paper but we gradually build up to it, makes me less stressed that its broken up. But it tends to be redundant and feels like it never ends, and it starts to get boring. Sometimes smaller papers are less stressful and more entertaining / interesting to write because itís a fresh topic. However, I donít think Iíd learn and experience just how much forms of to be are used in my writing and our language as a whole.
My paper is going well, but Iím having a hard time digging deeper into my topic and it seems like most of the information out there is one sided and you donít really get to hear a lot about the other side to the argument. Most of the sites that I have found with good information and actual what I believe to be ďcredibleĒ in anyway have already been used in my paper and I just canít seem to find another good credible source. I think I might spend sometime this weekend digging on the libraryís website finding more credible sources there hopefully. I havenít spent as much time as I should be using this source of information.
Iím struggling to the extreme with ďto beĒ forms. They are a pain in the bum to get rid of for me. I tend to just sit there and stare at my paper, thinking of how to reword the sentence to make the to be forms to go away, saying the sentence over and over and I still cant seem to find a way to get rid of the nasty buggers. As well as finding more credible sources that I havenít already used.

Posted by kamm0038 at October 29, 2004 11:29 AM