October 29, 2004

ranting and raving

I donít really like how we have to do one big paper. I think that we should have to do more individual papers. It would be more interesting for me to have a new topic and it would be easier for me as well. The papers are going ok but its getting harder and harder to find new sources. I also still struggle with the form of ďto beĒ. That is somewhat fustarting when I know it is there but im not sure how to fix it. I think the assignments could also have a little more structure to the directions. I am somewhat confused on some of the expectations or even what the paper should be like. Examples would be nice. I also think there should be more time between each paper to allow for adequate time to get more information and make corrections to the old ones. It is hard to write a new paper when directions are unclear and then go back and edit the last two in the same amount of time that we had to write the first one. Not to mention the difficulty of finding more sources that go with the topic as well as the sources being speicifc types. I think that we should have a few short papers that cover different topics and cover a few different writing styles then having one big paper.

Posted by burg0199 at October 29, 2004 11:29 AM