October 29, 2004

comments on writing assignments

I like the progression of the writing process. It is a way of doing things that I never really thought of before. Breaking the paper down into different parts then puting them back together is a different strategy. The problem that comes up with this is that each paper you want to make the key points in. When it comes down to puting the papers together for each final draft, you have to cut out the redundancy as much as possible. What ends up happening is you repeat a lot of facts in the paper so in order to correct this, you must add more information than just the 4 pages each time. I had a hard time coming up with another 4 full pages on the second paper because many of the points were either repeated or related to each other, resulting in the reduction of description sentences to connect each side of the history of the topic. I fear that by the final version at the end of the semester will have a lot of redundancy and in order to compensate for that, I'll have to include a sufficating amount of quotations in order to fill space to meet the page requirements. My struggles were mainly to write enough new information that avoided being redundant. Another problem I have is I still can not seem to grasp the idea of what types of words are passive voice. I know "to be" is but I can't remember all the forms of "to be" and it's hard to make a good sentence sometimes without using a form of "to be".

Posted by fris0084 at October 29, 2004 11:29 AM