October 29, 2004


I really believe I am learning alot compared to what I started with. I am not a fan of the weekly writing assignments but I will write about that a little later. I learned how not to use the verb to be, and I realize that it does sound a lot better when you don't use it. I really like how we correct our first drafts in class, it helps me out alot to hear what others have to say. The thing that helps out the class is Ms. Tschider. She is always smiling and it makes my day go alot better. You know that guy the dropped this class? A couple girls and I were talking how she did not deserve how he was treating her and we felt really bad. Something out of nowhere is I am always wondering what she is going to be wearing because she always is wearing cutes outfits, but back to the writing. I am struggling with the weekly writing assignments. I really don't understand why but I take forever on them and my quality is not even good. I am also struggling with actually sitting down and researching. I think I might have a disability. My attention span is very short.

Posted by ewal0032 at October 29, 2004 11:30 AM