October 29, 2004

thought paper

I have never researched a topic in so much depth. I feel like I have done so much reading on my topic. I知 finding it really hard to find unbiased sources. I知 also having a hard time formatting my bibliography page. I知 finding the iterative writing process very helpful. At times it is very difficult to collaborate all my data, yet I feel like I am doing a thorough writing job. I like that I am able to receive grades feedback throughout the writing of the paper and I enjoy that I am able to change my mistakes. Knowing what I am doing wrong helps me in my writing process. I am constantly using forms of 鍍o be. I proof my papers with the intention of eliminating all of the forms, and I still miss a lot of them. I知 having a really hard time rephrasing my thoughts without using these forms. All in all, so far everything is going pretty smooth. Hopefully, with the base of my paper started, the rest of my writing should be a little bit easier!

Posted by angst018 at October 29, 2004 11:32 AM