October 29, 2004

The assignments

I am really not sick of this assignment. The only thing that I wish that I did differently, is choose a topic that I was interested in. I ended up changing my topic, and it hurt me in the long run. With all of the research that we have done, I have learned a lot about the topic, and since it interests me, it has been good. I am not struggling to meet the page requirements, but I have been struggling to organize my thoughts in a way that makes sense to the reader. I tend to write what is in my head, and I think that it makes sense to other people, but it doesn't. I hope that after reading responses to my paper, that I will be able to organize my thoughts for better understanding.
The only complaint that I have is the first paper. I felt confused with the assignment, and ended up doing it all wrong. The paper was horrible. I think that I would have gone about it completely differently had I known that it was more of a research paper vs. an argumentative paper.
The assignment is good, because I have never had the chance to write a 16 page paper. The paper will be a big accomplishment.

Posted by lith0004 at October 29, 2004 11:32 AM