October 29, 2004

1/2 page steam info

The only real problem I find that is the most important would be how relatively new my topic is compared to some of the other topics that students are writing on. Since the topic is a newer one there is not as many things to research on it. I am not saying that some students donít share the same issue as well. Certain controversies have been around for some time now and numerous studies and facts have been made available. I just wanted to do a paper on something that might hold some degree of interest for some students. And with new information coming out every day it is hard to know just what could happen next. Putting two papers together is a challenge as well. Its good to have two big blocks of information to use, but you are writing a new paper like a jigsaw puzzle making pieces of information fit together. Itís a process of making sure things sound well when put together.

Posted by gran0399 at October 29, 2004 11:32 AM