October 30, 2004

thought paper

I donít mind the assignments that we have had. They are not to horrible, it is just that I donít always understand what is to be done. The papers are long and a lot of work. In high school I never had to write this this long of a paper nor one of this kind of format. So it is just a little hard for me to understand what I am suppose to do. I do like however that at the end I will have one big paper. I hope that I can have it corrected so that it is almost perfect, that would just make my time that I put into it worth it. When writing my papers I try not to use the ďto beĒ form but I always forget what words are considered to be. Other then that I like how you are flexible willing to extend our papers or other assignments if we need to.

Posted by sext0066 at October 30, 2004 12:41 PM