November 19, 2004


- The hardest argument that I have trying to refute is mainly ethical concerns when talking about same-sex marriage. I believe it should be legal for homosexual couples to marry and the opponents of my opinion say that it is unethical and they are trying to protect the sanctity of marriage.
- The reason I'm having trouble with this topic is mainly due to the fact that I need to somehow convince the audience that marriage today has lost much of its values and ethics already. By doing this, I can explain how allowing same-sex marriages would not change society ethically. The sanctity of marriage would still exist. Many male/female couples don't follow the values and ethics of marriage anyway. I don't have a lot of trouble arguing against "the sanctity of marriage" argument but it is the most common argument against same-sex marriage.
- What I want to do to refute their argument is to focus on marriage as a whole in the current generation. By showing how the sanctity of marriage is gone already in most cases, it will show that homosexual couples would do nothing to hurt marriage in this country. I will use examples such as dating reality television shows, high divorce rate, married couples that are not religious, and the high rate of infedelity among couples. One argument I may pose would be to talk about how a climbing divorce rate only shows how the sanctity of marriage is losing its value already. Marriage is supposed to be a life-long commitment to each other but society as a whole has a hard time following that religious rule. Even highly religious couples get divorced. My grandparents are a perfect example of a highly religious couple that got divorced. Both of them are highly into their faith but their marriage was not worth sticking it out until the day they die.

Posted by fris0084 at November 19, 2004 11:20 AM