November 19, 2004

Animal Testing

I find that there are not many arguments that are hard to refute. Most arguments consist of using animals for safety of substances that have already been proven. There is no need to continue testing cosmetics on animals because most cosmetic products are already in use and havenít done any harm. I plan to refute this argument by stating that animal testing in no longer needed for cosmetics in todayís times. I can prove this by stating if cosmetics were dangerous, why would so many people use them. I can disprove or find a fault in their logic because they have no reason for testing to continue to exist.
Another argument would be that animal testing is not needed in the medical world. Testing is needed for medicine to further todayís research and discover cures to new diseases. Although, as the world advances, we probably wonít need animal testing anymore, the rate at which we are at now, we definitely need it. One can refute this argument by showing all of the benefits that animal testing has provided for the medicinal world. One can state all of the previous inventions due to animal research and find how beneficial it proves to be. By knowing this, I can equally refute the statements given by people who donít support animal research for medicine.

Posted by rohd0038 at November 19, 2004 11:20 AM