November 19, 2004

Fat tax refute

Sarah Litherland

Fat tax arguments: hard to refute

The hardest arguments that are to refute, is the argument that soda, candy and junk food are unhealthy, and over consumed. If the government stepped in and taxed these foods, they would be consumed less. The taxes on these foods would be used for good, or so the government claims. I will refute the arguments by saying that it is the citizen’s choice not the government’s choice to tax the foods that we choose to eat. The concept of fat tax in reality is a statement of our freedom. I plan to make proposals for the opponent. One proposal is the idea that say there is a small tax, it be on soda alone, and that the tax dollars are guaranteed to go to the health departments. Then, maybe fat tax would be a good idea, but for now it is a moral situation. Morally, as citizens of the United States, we have the choice to choose to consume junk food or not to.
The other argument is the fact that American citizens are unhealthy due to the fact that the food that they consume the food that they can afford. Unhealthy foods are less more affordable. Thus, unhealthy foods are consumed more. The proposal or refute that I plan to make for this situation, is that the companies that produce junk foods, be given a tax break for packaging and selling more “healthy” foods.
The big refute that I feel is valid for the fat taxes, is that as citizens we do not know where the tax is going. It is our money, and we have the right to do with it what we choose.

Posted by lith0004 at November 19, 2004 11:25 AM