November 19, 2004

refuting arguments

Arguments Hardest to Refute
The arguments of my opponents’ that will be hardest to refute would be when they argue that downloading files is illegal, how much money record companies are losing, and how individuals who download are slowly ruining the music for the future. These arguments are the hardest to convince because you have to convince people that although it is breaking the law it is for a better cause. Then the opposition has all of the self-pity stories of how workers have been fired because of individuals who download files illegally. Once again the stories are true, but you have to argue that it was only a matter of time before something like this happened, and in all reality their can be a positive even for the workers who got fired.
When the opposition argues that downloading files is illegal they are speaking the truth. To counter the opposition’s argument I will argue an opposite argument as to why although downloading files is illegal it had to happen. The main argument I will produce is that the music industry as a whole is changing to the faster and larger digital world. And also the digital world comes in forms that are extremely cheaper, or in the illegal sense at no cost. I know people won’t be able to always download for free and I won’t be a supporter for keeping the downloads free. What I want people to see is that this process that the music industry is going through is for a better reason. That there is a change going on from hardware materials used for music to software materials. It is similar to the process of cassette tapes to cds, but far more changing in its effects.
In all reality, the change of music going digital is all for the better, and that is what I have to argue against the opposition. I have no doubt in my mind that this change will be positive and that determination will help me refute the opponent’s hardest arguments.

Posted by gran0399 at November 19, 2004 11:27 AM