November 19, 2004


The hardest arguments to refute from the opponents side would be the whole issue of religion being against same-sex marriages. Gods ideal marriage is between one women and one man in the purpose of creating children. Many people in the United States are religious and may oppose the marriages of same-sex marriages. This leads to people not supporting same-sex marriages.
Yes religion is very important, but not everyone is religious. Everyone should be given the same amount of treatment through religion and the law. Since men and women are only suppose the be brought together, what happens when a couple are physically not able to produce children? Are they also not suppose to marry? They are allowed to marry so what not allow people of the same sex marry. Another issue is that very religious people are still getting divorce. Many people are not keeping marriage true and committed. Another issue is the law. The government is said to keep church and state separate, so why does it keep coming up from political leaders that, God intended marriage to be between and man and a woman.
Many people get married not only for the purpose of religion. Many people of different religions unite in marriage. Both the male and female may not even be religious, marriage doesn’t always mean that it has to be religious. What is the point of getting married at a church if the couple doesn’t even go to the church. Several couples show up a couple times out of the year, just so they can be members at the church. Marriage is shown as it is out of love not just religion and marriage is different for everyone.

Posted by ewal0032 at November 19, 2004 11:29 AM