December 3, 2004

genre conventions

1. Obviously this paper is going to be in a convincing or persuading style. Another feature of this genre will be that it is a current event in the sense that it is a topic of debate currently affecting politics in our country. The paper will be structured in a way to inform the reader of the topic, then gradually try to convince them that same-sex marriage should be allowed. Because the paper is very long, it will also utilize transitions, citations, and quotations in order to properly support my opinion of the topic. This will also help make my opinion credible and therefore, something the reader could actually agree with. The most important thing is I want to persuade the reader to believe my side of the argument so any facts, quotations, or other useful things will come in handy.

2. In order to be creative, I want to be able to pull examples from real life of people dealing with this issue. I want to point out how not being able to get married because they are gay will affect them financially and why it's wrong to prevent them from getting married. I think statistics are huge in supporting an argument and statistics on how much financial gain there is by being married would be a nice way to convince the reader that preventing gay marriage is wrong and goes against our constitutional right as Americans to have equal rights for everyone. When people get married, there are tax benefits, shared medical insurance, social security benefits, the right to inheritance in case of death, sick leave from work, military leave, and other benefits that gay couples are not able to receive. I don't find that to be fair so I want to convince the readers that it is wrong to single out the gay community with this law.

Posted by fris0084 at December 3, 2004 10:58 AM