December 3, 2004


There are a lot of genre specifics that Iíve thought about while writing my paper. The major thing that Iíve been concerned with is active voice. Sometimes I read my paper specifically to find all of the passive voice and try to take it out. This is important because active voice is much more persuasive, descriptive, and direct. The other major type of genre that I will use is a specific style. When talking about animals it is very important to say things in a specific way. For example, itís really important to use the right kinds of words when talking about animals that are abused. When being persuasive, you want to use powerful language without embellishing so much that the audience doesnít think youíre telling the truth. Since many people in the United States go to the circus, I had to be careful about what I said about people who support the circus. My paper is very audience-specific. It is geared toward the common public who has seen many animals in the circus without giving it a second thought.
I think that my paper is the most persuasive by how I organize it. For example, first describing how cute and innocent animals are and then describing how miserable their lives are. I tried to do this to catch people into feeling very badly for the animals. I also think that my visual aids will be very persuasive. They say a lot in a way that everyone understands them. Creativity with the active voice worked to my advantage.
It forced me to think of new vocabulary and even though it took a long time to revise some of the sentences, at the end the sentences were much more powerful. I also learned new forms of sentence structure that put variety into my paper. This will keep the audiences attention and make them think about every single sentence. I think that every sentence has a specific impact and is important to my paper. By making every sentence unique, it makes every sentence stand out more by itself.

Posted by lore0193 at December 3, 2004 10:58 AM