December 3, 2004


The genre we follow for this paper has some specific guidelines to which we must adhere. For instance, one of the key requirements is length. Our paper is to be sixteen pages in length. This requirement is actually important, while the paper may seem extremely long at first I found that over time the requirement is not extensive. I do not believe that I could properly make my case with enough information to be persuasive in anything less than sixteen pages. Another important genre convention we follow is the use of active voice. The active voice really enhances a paper. It was difficult for me to get used to using active voice, but I realize that my paper does sound much better with that form in place. Along with that active voice we follow another genre convention in the general way the paper is written. Keeping in mind audience is a key to a successful paper. In this project I am writing to my peers who are educated but may be unfamiliar with the topic. By keeping this in mind as well as my genre convention I believe that my paper sounds intelligent but also understandable. My genre would change if I were writing to a group of scientists or experts in the field. I believe that this is the most important part of genre. No matter how good a paper may be, if it is not written with the audience in mind it will not be a successful piece.
While there are several restrictions that keep my paper with the genre mentioned above, I have found ways to make my paper unique. I have included headings in my paper that help to divide it in the way that I feel will be most influential. In addition I have displayed my creativity in my writing. For instance I have used a person experience to help illustrate one of my main arguments. This personal account gives my paper its own identity while staying within my genre boundaries. Lastly, I have included photos as part of my paper. These pictures allow me to make points more poignant while maintaining the formalities of the genre. By using several small things to enhance my paper I believe that my creativity shines through.

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