December 3, 2004

Genre creativity

The genres that I will adhere to in this paper are things like page requirement, topic of a controversy, and an attempt to write in an active voice. I think the biggest genre that I will follow is the general structure of the paper, formatted through premises. I will attempt to adhere to all these requirements that are given to me by the teacher as means to follow instruction and the outline requirements of the paper. These genres are important first off because I will be graded on my ability to adhere to these genres, further motivating me to follow these genres. These genres are also important as means to write a thro and convincing paper. I think that the genres are enough so that there are certain guidelines provided however, I think they leave room for creativity. One way that I will be creative in these boundaries is by first choosing a topic of my own personal interest or one which I an interested in studying. I think once again the boundaries are open in deciding what side you lay on, whether it is for or against your controversy. In deciding your position, I think that you get the ultimate creativity in deciding how your paper is going to be received, what points you want to stress, and what side you want to convince your audience of. I think just some general genres on what the paper is required to do, is essential in getting across the type of paper one wants to read. I hope to fulfill all these genre requirements in my paper while being creative and persuasive with in these boundaries.

Posted by woka0001 at December 3, 2004 11:00 AM