December 3, 2004

Last Weekly Writing Assignment

My paper on same-sex marriages includes an informative and persuasive style. I tried to persuade my audience in being for same-sex marriages and I still have to persuade a little more in the additional two pages. It is important because I will try to persuade my audience to do something about the inequality between homosexuals and heterosexuals. I first stated the points on homosexual relationships in the past. My paper is currently at the present time. It is in the present time because same-sex marriages are not allowed in any state, yes there are civil unions but no one living in the United States have the right to marry there lover of the same-sex. I tried to used active voice throughout my paper, but yet there still might be a little passive voice in my paper, I will try and correct that for my final draft. Throughout my paper I tried to avoid the contractions, and I think I might have done a good job with that but that is about it. In my paper, I am going to try and connect my visuals into the body of my text, and refer to the picture that are located in the appendix. I want to try and find more visuals that are meaningful to my paper. I think I might have used a little too many quotes from the authors I used, I need to read my paper over and over to get things out of my paper that I do not need. All of these items are important because they make a better paper overall. In the paper we have been writing there were certain paper requirements, and I had a little trouble meeting them with my history, so I have to go back and add more history so I can have the right amount of page numbers.
How will I be inventive and creative within these bounds is a good question. I will try to do something unique that no one has done. I want to find really good visuals to relate into my paper. Maybe a unique way of something would be to describe a certain situation I have been in related to my topic. Maybe I can take a poll around campus or around my dorm and see how many people are for and against same-sex marriages and if they would do anything to help push the government in allowing same-sex marriages. I guess I need to brainstorm a little more on everything. But one thing I do have to mention is that I am so happy this is my last writing assignment.

Posted by ewal0032 at December 3, 2004 11:03 AM