December 3, 2004

Thought Paper

In my paper for genres I will include style, register/diction, structure/forum, active voice, persuasion, audience and others. For style I will choose one that fits my selected audience and that makes me sound credible and present my information in a manner that will be regarded with respect. Register/diction will be presented in a way that makes it easy for my audience to follow but not make them feel as if they do not know what is going on. For structure/forum I will right so that the structure is in a paper format in a way that is logical and something that will be easily followed. I will write in active voice to make myself sound like I really know what Iím talking about and try to pull the reader in by using powerful language and writing techniques. I will also use my writing to persuade people to believe in what I have to say in a way that is not forceful but still pulls them in. Also I will write to an audience that has some idea of what previous arguments but yet is still searching for more. Writing to a specific audience will help me shape my paper. Also this will help me to better get a feel for my writing because it will have a specific purpose and will allow me to be more creative and insightful when I write.
I will be inventive and creative with in my paper by having fun with writing it. When I am writing to an audience I can write like I am talking to them trying to pull them into what I have to say. Having fun and being creative with the writing will help me write a paper that looks and sounds better when read. Being creative is a little harder in a paper like this because it a little more serious. To be creative takes some work but is achievable. What I have to do is find stories and quotes that will fit into my paper and be prime examples for my arguments. I will try to make them as compelling as possible so I can take hold of the reader and hopefully have them switch to my side w/out any doubt. Being inventive might even be harder then being creative. Yet to be creative I will have to be inventive at the same time. If my opponent has an argument that is hard to argue against I will have to come up with a way to argue it with an argument that isnít quite as strong. When doing that I will have to choose my words carefully and by language selection I will be able to sound more knowledgeable then my opponent and produce an argument that sounds better.

Posted by burg0199 at December 3, 2004 11:04 AM