December 3, 2004


There are many different genre conventions to which I will adhere to in my paper. Our paper has many different elements of genre, many of which I have used in my own paper. Even though I am adhering to these conventions, I am still able to be creative.
One of these major elements includes using a two-sided argument. It is necessary in our paper to use an argument that has two distinct sides and to argue both sides. I have done this because my topic is file-sharing, and the two different sides include people who approve of file-sharing, and those who think that it should stay illegal and have consequences.
Another important aspect in our genre includes the type of writing. For example, these include the formal diction, having logical flow, and using the sandwich method. I havenít looked too much into the formal diction, so I am not sure how much I am adhering to this aspect. However, I believe that I have used logical flow and the sandwich method throughout my paper. Sometimes I have trouble organizing my paper to make it flow and I have tried to successfully make my paper logical. By using the sandwich method, I introduce what Iím going to say, I say it, and then I interpret it, and transition into my next point.
These aspects are important in our papers because if you are going to accurately persuade people, there needs to be organization. Using a two-sided argument makes it easy on the reader and makes it easier to understand what is going on when there are only two sides. Also, it makes you more credible and they are more likely to be persuaded when you use formal diction and have logical flow. Also, by using the sandwich method, the reader can fully understand what youíre trying to say.
There are many different ways to be creative, despite these boundries. While I need to use a two-sided argument, there are many different arguments out there, and this convention of genre was not limiting at all. Also, by needing to use active voice and formal diction, it can push the writer to use more active verbs. This way, the writing seems much more creative because the writing has a larger variety in vocabulary. When using a logical flow and the sandwich method, it is only restricting in the set up of the writing, and not restricting in the content. Because of this, it leaves open many areas of creativity so that you can write about whatever you want within that guided outline.

Posted by pist0014 at December 3, 2004 11:05 AM