December 3, 2004


Some of the genre that I have adhered to is active voice, no forms of “to be”. Also source requirements, using sources, and citing your sources. Another is the page requirement of 16 pages. Organization, starting with history and using sandwich method. Formal paper, no contractions such as “don’t”. Being fair to both side of the controversy. And logical flow, premises. These are important to writing our paper since it gives use structure. The genre sets the time period and style for the paper. It develops the social aspects.
Within these bonds of writing there is still a lot of room to be inventive and creative. I was able to up with a controversy of choice. I choose what I wanted to argue for and against. I choose the arguments I wanted to use. And I was able to search for the sources I wanted to back my arguments. There is a lot of flexibility within the requirements to make your paper our own, the requirements just sets up the structure and flow of your paper. Within the structure and flow your paper is your own.

Posted by sull0384 at December 3, 2004 11:05 AM