December 3, 2004


I will try and include genres throughout my paper. These genres will be writing style and form, formal voice eliminating the passive voices in my paper, persuasion, and diction. Style will be written according to my audience and how I see fit on how much education and knowledge they have on the subject, I will fill them in with history and information about my topic first and then persuade them with facts. This way my paper will be easier to read and understand. Active voice will be used without passive voices or forms of “to be” to make my paper sound more credible and believable. Active voice will also bring my reader in and make the paper more interesting to sit down and read the whole entire paper instead of being bored and quit reading the paper I wrote using passive voice. Persuasion will include history that I pointed out in the “debriefing” part of my paper and use information that counteracts the other side’s opposition.
I will be creative in the fact, I will include pictures of what I am trying to prove and state in my paper to help my persuasion. I will include stories to touch the reader’s lives to set an emotional appeal throughout my paper. My paper will be fun and exciting to read but yet easy and hard on the issues at hand at the same time. I think having an exciting paper will make the reader want to read it as well as enjoy reading it. Using active voice and including ethos, pathos and logos throughout the paper as well will fulfill the requirements of bring my reader in.

Posted by kamm0038 at December 3, 2004 11:06 AM